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Ventilation plug                                          Module temperature control
Pressure equalisation. It ensures high air flow rates as  The LED driver will start reducing the light output when
well as high water protection capacity                    the LED’s approach critical temperature. The tem-
                                                          perature is measured via a sensor placed on the PCB
Glass                                                     (function available on customer request)
Flat glass. Glass is fixed to die-cast aluminium frame
with metal clips and can be easily replaced               Body
                                                          Die-cast aluminium
LED module
High quality LED’s with optimal thermal resistance and    Lighting protection
energy consumption characteristic, for high lumen         Built-in surge protection 10 kV
output and long expected life time. Color temperature
available: 3000K, 4000K                                   Light regulation
(5000K, 5700K available on customer request)              MUSTANG drivers offer integrated midnight dimming
                                                          and network-controlled 1-10V and DALI protocols
Intelligent light control system
Radio frequency                                           Opening
                                                          Die-cast aluminium clips for tool-less opening and
Protection                                                closing, fixed to the frame with stainless steel spring
IP66 for the complete luminaire                           for easy maintenance
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