About Us

About Us

HY Energy, a member of the HY Group, provides LED lighting and photovoltaic (PV) solutions to a variety of industries. The HY Group began is operations in the energy sector via HY Smart Solutions, a provider of comprehensive solutions for energy efficiency. The group has more than 500 employees, a logistics center in Airport City, and its main offices are in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Smart LED - Lighting Solutions

HY Energy specializes in efficient street LED lighting for municipalities, regional councils and local authorities, outdoor lighting for sports arenas, and indoor lighting for public institutions, schools, factories, shopping malls and offices. The company also focuses on solutions for smart cities, sensors, security cameras, smart street poles, and more.

  • Street lighting – more than 40,000 lighting units have been installed throughout the country; we are approved suppliers to over 30 municipalities and local councils
  • Indoor lighting – design and execution of hundreds of projects in schools, kindergartens, McDonald’s branches, shopping malls, and many more sites
  • Lighting for sports arenas – we have under our belt over 100 projects, including the Conch Arena in Beer Sheva, the first sports arena in Israel with dedicated LED lighting for 4K television resolution
  • Complex engineering projects, manufacturing plants and ports – among our leading lighting projects are the Kishon Port, the Haifa Port, and many plants where we customized our solutions to specific needs

Photovoltaic (VP) Solar Solutions

HY Energy’s mission is to lead the green-energy revolution in Israel. We provide comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) energy solutions to a wide range of customers in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, and municipal sectors.

Out of our strong belief that the interaction between the individual and the environment is or paramount importance, HY Energy is involved in key renewable-energy endeavors:

  • Zero-energy processes for efficient renewable-energy solutions
  • PV energy-generation solutions – design, development, establishment, and provision of solutions and services for comprehensive PV electricity-generating stations using solar energy

Why HY Energy?

First and foremost, because we are a leading group in the electric sector, with years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals.

We offer:

  • Design, development, and execution of energy-efficient and renewable-energy projects that save electricity consumption
  • Personalized project management according to the specific needs of each customer, from design through integration and installation to maintenance and support
  • Leading teams of experts in the entire value chain – lighting design and engineering, solar systems, project logistics and operations, integration, service, and warranty
  • Partnerships with leading LED-lighting manufacturers (Luxtronik, Kanglight, Vizulo and Grechi Light & Energy) and with providers of tier-1 solar panels
  • Highest quality standards – our company is ISO 9001-2015 compliant and our lighting solutions are approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the National Roads Company of Israel, the Ministry of Defense, and the Homefront Command
  • Field-proven experience of hundreds of projects with LED lighting and PV power stations for a variety of commercial and institutional customers
  • Flexible pricing options, including Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) schemes where payment is from the savings in electricity costs