About Us

The H.Y. Group's vision is to lead the Israeli market with solutions in electronics and advanced communications for private and business customers alike and to continue to represent the world's leading brands while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and service without compromise. The Group imports, markets, distributes, and services leading brands, such as:


LG – The H.Y. Group is the official Israeli importer of LG Electronics in screens, audio-video systems (AV), digital and professional screens, as well as computer accessories.

WD – The world's leading storage company that incorporates three large companies - WD, SANDISK, HGST, that manufacture and develop advanced data storage solutions for end-users and industry.

HGST – A manufacturer of a broad range of magnetic hard disks, SSD's as well as other storage solutions. HGST is the world's leader in the "enterprise" sector.

SanDisk – A flash technology storage manufacturer – disk-on-key, memory cards for cameras and mobile devices, MP3 / MP4 music players, SSD drives and embedded storage components.

Seagate – A worldwide storage solutions leader of information and magnetic hard drives. Seagate manufactures a range of portable drives to end users and internal drives to industrial consumers, including SSD and HDD drives with a variety of storage capacities.